toimub: SUveperioodil

Osalejate arv: 4 kuni 200

Toimumispaik: Keila, Jägala, Võhandu, narva jõgi

If classic rafting is a rubber boat ride in a period of high water and rapids, then we call a rubber boat trip a trip on the river with the same rafts or rubber boats. A rubber boat trip is a pleasant, sociable, and safe way to get to know various beautiful Estonian rivers from the water. It is possible to organize a hike on the Keila, Jägala, Võhandu, and Narva rivers for groups of 4 to 200 people.

Every boat trip we organize starts with a briefing, where we explain the boat handling techniques and talk about safety. To ensure safety, the briefing is followed by putting on the life jackets, and then we go hiking on the river.

As said, it is a social and safe way of hiking on water. Sociable, because 4 to 10 people can be in one boat at the same time. Safe because these boats are so big and stable that it is impossible to capsize them on rivers. The worst that can happen is that the boat gets stuck on a rock in a rapid. In this case, the boat has to be pulled apart and the adventure continues.

We recommend rivers such as Keila, Jägala, Võhandu, and Narva Keila rivers. This is because these rivers have been controlled and cut open by us.


About the Estonian rivers:

  • The advantage of the Keila river is its distance from Tallinn, and therefore it is good and convenient to come there. In this case, the hike starts from Jõgisoo and ends in Keila.
  • On the Jägala river, the Voose edge is suitable.
  • Võhandu river is the “king of hiking rivers” in Estonia. There, the hike starts from Leevi and ends either at Süvahavva or Reo bridge. Several mill oaks, rapids, and powerful sandstone outcrops remain in this section. There is more excitement and eye candy than any other river in Estonia.
  • Narva river is a huge river in the Estonian sense. A large number of rivers flow into Lake Peipsi from both Estonia and Russia, but only the Narva River flows out, and therefore the river has enough width and flow speed. The fact that it is a border river adds to the excitement – the border between the countries runs in the middle of the river and it is not allowed to get on the wrong side. Going to the Narva river requires longer preparation. It is necessary to coordinate the trip with the border guards and obtain the corresponding permit. This trip is only worth planning for larger groups. On the Narva river, our team accompanies hikers on a motorized rubber boat. We ensure that there is no unintentional violation of the border and secure hikers.


The most sensible thing to do is to contact us when planning a hike so that we can find the most optimal solution during a joint discussion :)!