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toimub aastaringselt

Osalejate arv: 10-800 inimest.



Our adventure games are divided into two parts: team-building games and group orientation activities, which can be ordered as a fun side activity to conferences and seminars. We organize adventure games all over Estonia from Tallinn to Kihnu Island with the possible participation of up to 1,000 members.

The need to invent cool and versatile adventure games has been given by life itself. Namely, the majority of people are tired of dignified but worn-out Estonian classical team-building activities such as tug-of-war, volleyball tournaments, and breaking the jug bomb. Therefore, our team decided to put those 20 years of experience in the field to good use and invented numerous unique yet humorous team-building games.

We can guarantee that none of them are physically difficult and rather require good teamwork skills and ingenuity from the participants. Our priority is that everyone, regardless of their athletic ability or age, will leave the Herman Events organized event with positive emotion. 

As said, adventures are divided into two – team games and adventure games.

Group Orienteering

The orienteering games will be held in the natural surroundings of the venue of the organized event. The length of the tracks is generally 2-3 kilometers and the teams have 1-1.5 hours to complete the track. The prerequisite for winning the orienteering game is not the speed of completing the course – the time for completing it is not taken, and therefore running is unnecessary. Team members are usually of very different physical fitness and age. In this regard, we make sure to avoid situations where someone feels bad on the track.

The success and place of the team are determined by the additional task after completing the orientation course, the initial data necessary to solve it can be obtained from the completed course. The winner of the orienteering game is the one who solves the additional task the fastest.

As a variant of an orientation game, we organize a GPS quiz, where at each control point there is a question and the corresponding answer options concerning either your team or more general topics. Finding the correct answer leads the participant to the next point, while the wrong one leads the participant back to the previous one.

As another possible orientation game, we offer a deeply original game called “The wise man returns”. You can guess what the “fools” will become. Of course, no one will be left behind, we can guarantee that.

The ability of our team is to organize adventure games even for huge groups. Namely, during the rotation and the assembly of orientation and team games, we are able to keep people constantly active for three hours, offering versatile and high-quality entertainment.

Team-building games

The playground for team-building games consists of up to 10 slots. One to 10 parallel game elements await the teams in each slot. The number of slots and game elements depends on the number of participants taking part in the event (more people more slots; fewer people fewer slots). The teams are in pairs in one game slot competing with each other. After solving the task, the groups rotate to the next slot in order to step into a duel with the next team.

Game elements in-game slots include, for example, large labyrinths, tetris, stone-throwing machines, potato cannons, rubber boats, electric worms, ball chutes, etc. The assembly of game elements depends on the customer’s wishes, the weather, and the location of the event. In order to get a better understanding, see the pictures in the gallery.











Individual areas and HermanEvents famous Pop-up shooting range:

Apart from that, we can also build a pop-up shooting range wherever one could imagine- from Kuressaare Castle to Tallinn’s own Kultuurikatel, where each participant can individually try out hand at bows, slingshots, and all sorts of different airsoft guns under the guidance of experienced instructors. The latter are essentially cast-fire airguns that are similar to real guns to the point of being replaced, for example, we have both the AK-47 and its direct competitor the M-16.