toimub: talviti

Osalejate arv: 20-100 inimest.

Toimumispaik: kõrvemaa LOODUSKAITSEALA

During the snowy winter season, we are waiting for people to enjoy the snowy nature of Kõrvemaa on skis with experienced hiking guides. Instead of classic skiing and high-quality ski trails, you will be adventuring with wide-touring skis, among uncivilized swamps. Transport to the edge of the swamp and back takes place in the box of 6×6 ZIL 131-type military trucks. An exciting hike of about 4-6 kilometers starts from the edge of Koitjärvi or Kõnnu bog. As a true nature adventure, the hike ends with a bonfire at the campsite, where hot tea, hiking soup, and the opportunity to grill sausages await.


The hike starts in the parking lot of the Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Center, from where you move on together in a box of 6×6 ZIL 131 type military trucks, which have been especially applied there for the transport of passengers. The box has a cover with windows, so the outlook is guaranteed, and the cold temperatures outside are not too bad either. If necessary, we also distribute blankets to the participants, which makes the hike enjoyable even in the cold winter. We have 4 ZIL 131-type military trucks on display, so we can take more than 100 people on a hike at the same time.

The hike is accompanied by a qualified guide who will provide an overview of the history and peculiarities of the Kõrvemaa nature area while making sure that each hiker leaves with a positive memory. The ski trip begins at the edge of Koitjärvi or Kõnnu bog, from where an exciting, approximately 4-6 kilometer (longer if desired) ski trip begins under the guidance of a hiking guide. For a bog trip, we have up to 100 pairs of wide touring skis ready for your ski trip, the bindings of which are suitable for sports overshoes. At this point, to reassure less sporty people, it is worth mentioning that it is not skiing in the form we are used to seeing in the presentation of top athletes at the World Cup, but a pleasant nature observation at a pace that is doable for everyone.

After a couple of hours of leisurely skiing in the winter nature, we arrive at the campsite, where a fire is lit and hot tea and hiking soup are offered. If desired, it is possible to grill sausages on the campfire, according to a real hike. When time in that country begins to return, but even then there is still plenty to see and discover. Namely, we have installed special side lighting on the trucks, which makes the surroundings white and visible even in the dark.

The ski trip itself can also take place in the dark if desired or necessary, as all participants are provided with headlamps if necessary. The view of the marsh may be a little worse in the evening, but the emotion from the trip is many times more powerful.

If desired, it is also possible to plan a sauna visit at the hiking center at the end of the trip.

The price of the trip includes the start of the ski trip in a Transport Zil safari car and back to the hiking center from the finish line, hiking skis/snow boots, a hiking meal, a hot drink, a visit to the sauna at the hiking center, and the service of a hiking guide.

Feel free to contact us so that we can answer any questions you may have and plan a ski trip in Kõrvemaa together!